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Other wash basins

(above counter basins can usually be exchanged without problems, since we cut the wash basin only after the purchase.) Under counter sinks can be exchanged only on request

How high should my vanity be?

The total height to the upper edge of the sink should be about 88-96cm. But we have already made special heights from 80 or to 110cm. So you have a relatively large margin.

Wood in the bathroom, is that possible?

Yes of course. The question is justified, since the fewest providers get a really waterproof wooden surface. What most people do not know: Usual bathroom furniture is made of MDF / pressed wood and are therefore much more endangered than "real" solid wood.

We protect the wood surfaces so that no water can penetrate the wood. We test every washbasin after the surface treatment on this beading effect. 

Natural wood surfaces:

Our ecological hard wax oil is also used for the treatment of wooden floorboards and parquet floors, ie for floors that are naturally exposed to much higher loads (from wet shoe soles to overturned water glasses, splashes when watering flowers, etc.).

Painted surfaces: Our paints are also used in the usual industrially manufactured washbasins and bathroom cabinets. These are often made of plywood or pressed wood, which is much more susceptible to water than the massive wood of the antique dressers.  

Does the humidity in the bathroom harm my washbasin?

No. Although the humidity increases temporarily in the bathroom but of course not permanently, otherwise the walls would begin to mold. Your vanity on the other hand would tolerate even higher humidity and is far better protected than your walls.

Can water penetrate through the feet into the vanity?

No. The feet of all washbasins are protected with 5mm high, invisible plastic caps, so that even if here and there time pointed water or a puddle forms, no water from below can move into the vanity.


I own a beautiful chest of drawers that I want to become a washstand. Do you do that too?

We are happy to build your own dresser to the washstand. We discuss together your individual wishes. The dresser will be picked up at your request and brought back to you after the conversion.

I do not find the right vanity in your assortment. What to do?

You tell us what your desired washbasin looks like, we will find the right piece for you and customize it according to your wishes.